Wills & Probate

Dying without a will can kill your family’s relationship

Do Something. It sounds simple enough, but it’s Mark’s number one recommendation for all of his clients. Regardless of your age, wealth or stage of life, Mark can help you draft a comprehensive, enforceable Last Will and Testament. The goal is simple – to ensure that you, and your loved ones, are prepared for the future. A thorough and well-executed estate plan is critical to help protect your family’s relationships with one another after your passing. Otherwise, you run the risk of locking your family into bitter struggles with one another.

Mark will guide you through the process of drafting a Last Will and Testament to ensure your loved ones are cared for and that property is transferred as quickly and efficiently as possible. A Will can also help protect your assets and prevent your estate going to probate.

Planning for the future is the responsible thing to do. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your family is aware of your wishes and knows what to do in the event of your passing: 

⦁ Does your family know what, and where, your assets are? For instance – a safety deposit box? What bank do you use for your accounts? Who is your financial planner? Be sure to write the location of all assets down so your family is aware.
⦁ Can your family access your assets? Safety deposit keys, passwords and other authorizations should be documented in your will.
⦁ Is anything on auto-pay? Remember to document account numbers and recurring bill payments in your estate plan.

Included under the area of Wills includes the drafting of Living Wills which outlines your wishes for end of life treatments. Living Wills summarize how you’d like age and illness related medical care managed on your behalf. Mark Marsh and his team also provide clients with an independent will review.



Probate is the area of law that handles the distribution of assets from an estate that once belonged to a person who has passed away.

It is an honor and great compliment to be named an executor for a loved one’s estate, but it can also be a confusing and emotional time for someone who has just suffered a loss. Mark Marsh is prepared to assist you with your duties for administering an estate and properly carrying out your loved one’s wishes according to the law.

Mark helps clients avoid mishandling an estate and effectively handles any probate matters that arise. As an experienced probate attorney, Mark Marsh will guide you through the process so debts and taxes are paid and deadlines are met so the estate is property distributed.