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Child Custody & Divorce

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Without a doubt, family law is the most emotional legal practice area. Mark Marsh represents clients in both contested and non-contested divorces as well as child custody and support cases. Mark has built a reputation for legal counsel with a caring, personable and most importantly, empathetic approach to divorce cases. 

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Child Custody

Even if a divorce starts out contested, Mark Marsh works to get the vast majority of his cases finalized as uncontested—saving time and money.

A divorce goes beyond a change in your marital status. It can cause overwhelming impacts on the legal status and financial situations of everyone involved. When divorce is on the horizon, Mark Marsh encourages clients to spend time considering asset management. Each spouse has legal, fundamental rights to property and wealth. Although divorce is a personal decision, it creates a complex, legal set of claims that must be agreed upon by both parties.

The area of divorce law included contested and uncontested divorces, spousal support agreements and child support and custody arrangements. It also includes pre and post nuptial agreements.

Contested Divorce
Contested divorces occur when the separating spouses cannot arrive at an agreement on one or more key issues in order to conclusively terminate their marriage. In this case, the divorce proceedings require court appearances, can take a considerable amount of time (nine to 13 months) and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. An un-contested divorce, on the other hand, is often referred to as a “quick divorce” due to the fact that the separating spouses agree on all issues to end the marriage. These divorces require a fraction of the amount of legal involvement resulting in substantial time and money savings. An uncontested divorce can be final as soon as an agreement is reached by both parties and is signed by a judge.

Uncontested Divorce
Due to the emotionally involved aspects of divorce, the vast majority of Mark Marsh’s clients head into a divorce contested. However, whenever possible, Mark Marsh encourages his clients to work towards an uncontested divorce. Not only will this help save valuable time and money, but uncontested divorces are easier on all parties involved. Mark is proud to share that the vast majority of his divorce cases finalize as uncontested. This is largely due to his solid reputation in the legal community, his integrity and his ability to negotiate effectively with other attorneys.

Did you know that if you go to work and support your family you could lose your kids?

Determining the type of custody and parental visitation schedules for children can be the most emotional aspect of a divorce. The best interest of the children is always put at the forefront of the legal system. You can rest assured that as your attorney, Mark Marsh will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible agreement for you and your child(ren).

In an effort to ensure children maintain healthy relationships with both parents, the State of Nevada has officially declared joint custody is the preferred outcome. In 2017, Nevada Revised Statutes was amended to favor joint custody over other custodial arrangements. This aims to help protect paternal rights and the family unit while not penalizing the primary income earner in the household.

However, this new law doesn’t mean that join custody is right for every family. It just means that joint custody is the starting point and it’s up to you and your attorney to determine if an alternative is better suited. If that determination is made, Mark Marsh will file a petition to modify the custody to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of your child(ren).

As a seasoned divorce attorney, Mark Marsh will review your case and determine the appropriate spousal support. Factors such as age, income, education, skills, training, expenses, standards of living, child custody and medical conditions are considered when determining spousal support.

A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement but takes place between two people who are already married. A postnuptial agreement can be used to modify a prenuptial agreement.

While there are varying reasons for pre and postnuptial agreements, it is always crucial to have the agreement prepared or reviewed by an attorney before signing. This prevents the contract’s validity from being challenged if it needs to be enforced. Additionally, pre and postnuptial agreements must be entered into voluntarily by both parties and deemed fair by your legal representative.

Mark Marsh has been helping clients draft pre and post nuptial agreements over the duration of his legal career. He’s standing by to help make this process as seamless as possible.

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