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Workers Compensation - Carson City

Workers Compensation

"Insurance is in business to collect premiums, not pay claims. It’s plain and simple. An attorney can help defend your rights." - Mark A. Marsh

Are you looking for a Workers Comp Attorney in Carson City? Workers’ compensation is the area of law that protects the rights of employees who have been injured at work. A Workers’ Compensation claim helps individuals receive both medical and financial compensation for work related injuries or illnesses. This area of law also represents families whose loved ones may have suffered a fatal workplace accident. As your attorney, Mark Marsh won’t receive payment until your claim is finalized.

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Mark A. Marsh represents employees (claimant defense) of both public and private entities as well as the rights of employers (employer defense). This is a very precise area of law and the right attorney is critical. Not all personal injury attorneys in Carson City have the experience or skills required to manage the policies and timeframes for Workers’ Compensation cases. Mark’s background as a former Chief of Legal Services has given him a unique perspective for all parties involved in a Workers’ Compensation case. As such, he is very familiar with the requirements of the Workers’ Compensation laws and can help move your case through the legal system to obtain a fair settlement on your behalf. Remember, insurance companies have attorneys, employers have attorneys. With Mark Marsh on your side, you can even the playing field with an experienced attorney of your own. Don’t be the only person in the workers comp system without an attorney, Your legal rights are at stake.

Mark Marsh works zealously for his Carson City clients and for what they are legally entitled. He prides himself on fair and just representation. He is committed to helping injured Workers’ and their families receive the benefits they deserve such as:

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